Ok this is gonna definitely display my lack of knowledge but here goes anyway. I am connecting to a access table using the following vb.net code( the code is directly in the codebehind of the page in which I am working. Under InitializeComponent())<BR><BR>Dim myConnection As New ADOConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Da ta Source=C:CATS.mdb")<BR> Dim myCommand As New ADODataSetCommand("SELECT Avg([FloatTable].[Val]) AS [Avg Of Val] FROM FloatTable WHERE TagIndex = 3", myConnection)<BR> <BR> Dim ds As New DataSet()<BR> myCommand.FillDataSet(ds, "FloatTable")<BR><BR>Works fine and I can call this data from a grid all day long. Problem is that I cannot for the life of me bind the output of this to a label. Im comin from InterDev and all I had to do there was right click on label and set it to recordset. Here I cant figure out exactly how to do this. Does anyone know. Im sure there are different ways and I&#039;d like to see them all. Thanks for the help in advance everyone.