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    wex_69 Guest

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    If I want to query/write to a db that is on another server, what is the best way for me to do this.<BR>I know I have to specify I.P.Address etc but what else is required.

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    Default This is easy

    create a DSN and use tha DSN to connect to the DB

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    wex_69 Guest

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    Can you be a little bit more specific. I can do a DSN less connection to db on the same server but to a database on another server I am not two sure of the code and what I should know. Thanks

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    SELECT *<BR>FROM dbo.SERVERNAME.databasename.tablename<BR><BR>I think this is what you&#039;re asking, not how to connect, right? As for just opening communications, all you need to do is have permissions and the proper connect string.

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    If you can set up a DSN on your own server, it is the same on a remote DB. Of course you have to have access to that machines ODBC. Is this what you needed?

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