I am trying to connect to SQL server in ASP but am unable to connect with<BR>the correct user. I can connect fine with "sa", or some other admin, but I<BR>want to connect using my NT login. What I have done upto now is, go into SQL<BR>and add a new login, such as,<BR><BR>SERVER0moshe<BR><BR>Then I added a new user into my DB and assigned the login "SERVER0moshe" as<BR>the Login name, and "moshe" as the user name, as follows,<BR><BR>Login Name: SERVER0moshe<BR>username: moshe<BR><BR>I then created a DSN on the server, in case I wanted to use one. There I<BR>specified to use an NT login (Not SQL Server), I tested, and everything<BR>works fine (although, I&#039;m not sure which login the DSN used to perform the<BR>test).<BR><BR>In ASP I tried using both DSN-less connection and DSN type connection, as<BR>follows,<BR><BR>set conn = server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Connection")<BR>conn.open "myDSN"<BR><BR>OR,<BR><BR>conn.open "Driver={SQL Server}; SERVER=SERVER1;<BR>UID=SERVER0moshe; PWD=moshe; DATABASE=myDB<BR><BR>Here, I get an error saying that the user SERVER0iuser_xxx failed. This iuser is the anonymous user account.<BR><BR>Obviously, this is not the user I wish to connect with. I want to connect<BR>with the user "moshe" on domain SERVER0 which is not be the same server as<BR>the SQL server.<BR><BR>Maybe someone can guide me in the correct direction, or suggest some tests I<BR>can perform.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Moshe<BR>