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    i used basic authentication under windows 98 finely but it don&#039;t work under windows NT.<BR>in 98 the browser send &#039;basic JJLNLNLNlLnjnjNhvbjhgK&#039;(for example<BR>and in NT it send &#039;NTLM HKhhbhbhvjvJjv&#039; but my source code is like this:Dim UP, Pos, Auth<BR> Auth = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_AUTHORIZATION")<BR> LOGON_USER = ""<BR> LOGON_PASSWORD = ""<BR> If LCase(Left(Auth, 5)) = "basic" Then ???????????????<BR> UP = Base64Decode(Mid(Auth, 7))<BR> Pos = InStr(UP, ":")<BR> If Pos &#062; 1 Then<BR> LOGON_USER = Left(UP, Pos - 1)<BR> LOGON_PASSWORD = Mid(UP, Pos + 1)<BR> End If<BR> End If<BR><BR>please help me to workaround this!

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    You can get the username simple by using:<BR><BR>strLogon = Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")<BR><BR>Under NTLM, you cannot get the password by any means, because it is never transmitted. That&#039;s the beauty of it.<BR><BR>Dunc

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