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    Jon Hobbs Guest

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    Help.IE5 tries to be too smart by caching pages even more now than in the past. Only problem is in a Commerce store, when a shoppers basket is updated, it does not display the correct information, because of caching, causing an error. I know of the &#060;meta tag&#062; html cache command, as well as the asp Response.Expires = 0, however none have shown to be effective. Remember, this is a problem in IE 5 only! Please Help!!<BR>Thanks!<BR>Jon

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    The way we got around this was to create a "Random" object (in our case Vis FoxPro) that generates a random 8 character string. On all of our redirects and calls to pages that we don&#039t want cached, we instantiate the object, assign it to a variable and append to the pages called. Could create in another language obviously.

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    Olace Guest

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    Try this line<BR><BR>Response.Expires = now() -1 <BR><BR>meaning expire a day ago.<BR>I don&#039t have ie5, but i&#039ve seen this often on the web as a solution.

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