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    Please can somebody guide me in the right direction on how I can get information saved from a form into some kind of database or text file or ideally in excel.<BR><BR>Basically I will have a questionnaire of 10 multiple choice questions and a box for visitors to fill in their email address, when they press submit i would lik ethis information stored in an excel file, or text file.<BR><BR>I have no idea where to start in storing informtion.<BR><BR>thank you in advance for your help

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    You need a database such as Access or SQL Server. When the user hits submit you use your ASP code to pull the answers out of the page, and insert them into a database. You will need to learn basic SQL commands to instruct the database, and a little bit of ADO.<BR><BR>Alternatively, you could use the FileSystemObject to store the information in a text file on the server.

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