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    I have written a dll in vb6 which works fine on my machine however when i put it on another machine when the component is called in the asp script i get this <BR>?????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????? <BR>along the top of ie or netscape - i have tried installing the vb6 runtime files but it still doesnt work <BR>However if i install visual basic onto the machine in question and then compile the dll onto it it does work... this is obviously going to be totally impractical - what do i need to do? <BR>are the vb6 runtime files not enough? do i need to create a setup package of some kind? <BR>thanks <BR>kim <BR>( I still get this message) what do i need to do to distribute a dll then?

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    When you placed the DLL onto the other machine, did you register it using Regsvr32?

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