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    Wow! I didn&#039;t realize how may people there were out there who didn&#039;t know how to check for an existing record. And/or add a record only if it didn&#039;t already exist.<BR><BR>Steve Cimino&#039;s ASPFAQ answer (number 106) has been *really* popular, vaulting to number one in the "hits" list (see<BR><BR>Anyway, I just *had* put my two cents in. After Steve showed his two techniques (well, one technique with two major variations), then Marco De Luca showed his cute trick. And I really like both of them! <BR><BR>But I had used another technique, and thought it worth sharing: If what you are trying to do is sneak some "let&#039;s check first" code into an existing page, then I thought maybe it would be nice to find a way to do this without having to alter your existing SQL code at all (especially since so many people seem to be using SQL that they inherited from other people and *really* don&#039;t want to touch).<BR><BR>So I mucked with Steve&#039;s page and added yet another way to check to see if a record exists at the same time you are adding a new one. My solution is uniquely a VBScript solution. It wouldn&#039;t work in a standalone SQL application. But combine VBS and ADODB and SQL and....well...<BR><BR>Take a peek!<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Thanks for notifying us of these articles. <BR><BR>Just a quick question: Will your version work on Access DB or will it only work on SQL Server?<BR><BR>BTW: Yeah, surprising that there are so many people who need to ask how to do such a basic function!

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