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    Daniel Peters Guest

    Default uploading files with a POST form

    Question: when trying to upload a file from within an ASP script to a server, <BR>using the INPUT TYPE=FILE form element with METHOD=POST and ENCTYPE=multipart/form data, no data seems to be passed to the server. However, as soon as I remove the ENCTYPE=multipart/form data attribute from the FORM tag, all data is passed, but the file isn&#039;t uploaded to the server.<BR>Does anyone have a solution to this problem?<BR><BR>Thanks, Daniel

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    what component are you using for the upload?<BR><BR>j

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    Daniel Peters Guest

    Default component required

    Good quetstion! Do you know which component I need to have this functioning properly?

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    Visit the site www.SoftArtisans.com for saFileUpload component(Component, which is used by most of them for uploading files from browser to the server)

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