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    Carlos Beltrán Guest

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    Hello, Im using windows2000 server with IIS 5.0 and have the following problem,<BR><BR>I have an asp page that make a query to view records, when I run the asp page works fine displaying the info, but, when I try to update records send me the htt500 internal server error (running on my pc with win2000 prof and iis works fine, the problem is in the web server computer).<BR><BR>Think that I have a configuration (IIS) problem with my website.<BR><BR>All the html files works fine, only have problems with write, update or delete records in a database (access), displaying queries works well.<BR><BR>Hope you can helpme... my email is<BR><BR>Regards

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    Brian Hammer Guest

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    Set your IIS Process to "Low" on the IIS admin for the site

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