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    jenifer Guest

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    i used a basic authentication finely under windows98 but when i try it under windows NT it didn&#039;t work.<BR>the message sent by the browser under 98 is<BR>basic<BR>sjnjndjdnjdnldlkjkjekehjJJGUSYFJSFu fjhgkjgSyfdgjhkHJ(for exemple)<BR>and under NT the message is<BR>NTLM<BR>bkjbjKGKJHFGJFhgKJHgkgYfjhgkjghkGJKH GjfgJGkgkJghkGgK<BR>where can i disable the NTLM mode without stoping other services like WWW, SMTP server...<BR>if it&#039;s not possible where can i find NTLM authentication <BR>i need it very urgent!!<BR>thank you!

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    Nathen Guest

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    You want to look in the properties for your web site in Internet Services Manager. There should be a Directory Security tab and a section to edit Anonymous Access and Authentication Control. If you want Basic Authentication then you need to uncheck all boxes except Basic.

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