I need to develop an n-tier ASP database application that has a web-based user interface for asking polling questions and displaying those poll results.<BR><BR>The database should allow for any number of polls to be defined and as many as 10 choices may be selected in any given poll.<BR><BR>The poll should render properly in either Netscape 4+ or IE4+<BR><BR>When the user submits their poll responses, a new window should spawn displaying current statistics for that poll in both numeric and graphical form.<BR><BR>The code should be flexible enough to incorporate into any existing page as an include file.<BR><BR>Is this possible using a central SQL DB server? <BR><BR>Website A sends form to host server, Host Server processes form results?<BR><BR>Host Server identifies poll results as coming from Website A and flags the record as such? So the same table contains polling data from the whole network of Websites but can be filtered down to individual Websites for each question.<BR><BR>How does host server respond back to client browser with a pop-up/spawned window showing results?<BR><BR>As far as the graphical representation of the results do I use 1 .gif image and stretch it’s width as needed?<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Daniel