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    When is the best time to set the expiration date of a cookie to ensure that it gets saved to the client for the next visit? I was assuming the Session_End in the global.asa but in playing around with this method I am not sure if that is the best place. <BR><BR>Also I&#039;ve noticed that NN4 and IE treat setting cookies differently... is this correct? IE seemes to save the cookie to the client right after it has been called and NN4 doesn&#039;t save it to the client till much later. <BR><BR>Any info on these questions would be greatly appreciated!

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    There is no easy answer to your question. A lot depends on what, if anything, you are using the cookie for. You&#039;ll have to decide what is best for your app. As for NN vs. IE....well what&#039;s new. They have never been in sync and I doubt they ever will be. You&#039;ll have to strike a balance to keep both happy and yourself.

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