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    Sending mail via ASP to Outlook<BR>waseem - 1/16/2001 10:00:04 AM<BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> Hi <BR><BR>i am using a windows 98 machine i want to write a porgram that will send e-mails from a dbase to the "outbox" of microsoft outlook so i can send them whenever i like <BR><BR>I know that i can just mail straight to a SMTP server but i need them to go to an out box so i can manually send them , this is important it may seem silly to do it like this but i have to <BR><BR>Anyhelp and code of how to do this would be very useful <BR><BR>Waseem <BR>

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    Hi Waseem,<BR><BR>I don&#039;t believe that something like this is possible - what I&#039;d suggest is emailing yourself the results (with an indicator as to what they are in the "Subject" line) and then forwarding those results at a time that you deemed necessary. ASP has little control over your (or your users) individual Outlook mailbox controls.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Jim

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