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    Will someone tell me what is this error and why do I get it please<BR>error &#039;8000ffff&#039; <BR>Catastrophic failure

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    Ed Guest

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    Maybe this will help:<BR><BR>

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    Tony V. Guest

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    Let me guess what you&#039;re doing. You&#039;re using SQL Server 7.0 and you are trying to send mail using CDONTS, and when it doesn&#039;t work, it resets your machine, correct?<BR><BR>If so, I&#039;ve had the same thing happen, as a result of installing either Service Pack 1 or 2 for SQL Server 7.0. You can try reinstalling SQL Server 7.0, or getting the hotfix from Microsoft (I personally reinstalled SQL).<BR><BR>If I&#039;m wrong, please let me know!<BR>Tony

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