Clearing Class Entries out of the Registry

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Thread: Clearing Class Entries out of the Registry

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    LaDonna Guest

    Default Clearing Class Entries out of the Registry

    I have just started working with VB, ASP, and MTS together to create Web applications. When I create a new class in VB, compile it, and register it in MTS, it creates several entries in the NT registry for this new class. When I am done with these sample classes I am using for test purposes, how can I get rid of them? I have tried using REGSVR /U to unregister the DLLs created, but this does not get rid of the class declarations in the registry. <BR><BR>Any help will be appreciated!

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    LaDonna Guest

    Default More info on problem

    I wrote part of that wrong - I am using REGSVR32 /U &#060;dllfilename&#062; <BR>While this seems to work most of the time, I have found a few cases where it doesn&#039t. I wonder if there is another utility that would help with this. I also with that MTS would do this for you when you delete a component!

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