I am having trouble with next code:<BR><BR>&#039;connecting to server<BR>Set TIC = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>TIC.Ope n mscsSite.ConnectionStringMAP.TIC<BR><BR>SqlText="S ELECT * FROM WebClassification"<BR>Set MyClass=Tic.Execute(SqlText)<BR>Do Until MyClass.Eof<BR>%&#062;&#060;%=MyClass("Description ")%&#062;&#060;%<BR> SqlText="SELECT * FROM WebClassification WHERE ClassID=&#039;" & MyClass("ClassID") & "&#039;"<BR> &#039;here is the problem<BR> Set MySecClass=Tic.Execute(SqlTExt)<BR> &#039;bla, bla, bla<BR> MySecClass.Close<BR>MyClass.Movenext<BR>loop<BR>My Class.close<BR>tic.close <BR><BR>This code is working fine with SQL 7.0, but i&#039;m having problems with SQL 2000. When I execute this ASP page there is no response from the server. I think this problem is somehow connected with locking recordsets in sql2000. Is there some option in sql2000 to set the default lock for recordset.<BR><BR>Any help would be nice!<BR>PS: Excuse my english!<BR>