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    I am trying to use a session variable to act as the identifier in the where clause of an sql query. I have been able to get as far as an actual message from SQLServer7 stating that it was unable to match a "varchar to a numeric value". The numeric value is stored in the database. Does the session variable store only varchars, or is there some way of making it store numeric values? Alternatively is there a way of converting the varchar to a numeric value? I am involved with a a project that involves multiple users having access to a database and only being able to view their own information. There are two different types of users, and they relate to each other as clients or suppliers. We need to be able to identify them in this manner (using session variable) if possible. Other suggestions are welcome.

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    Can you supply a sample of the code where you use the variable?

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    Thanks for wanting to help, but I have solved the problem now. I am late letting you know because for some reason my browser crashed whenever I tried to load the aspFAQ page.

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