Hello, <BR><BR>I&#039m getting the following error message for fields of datatypes: datetime and decimal, can you please tell me the proper declarions from the store procedure/ASP for these data types. I&#039m using SQL server with ASP. In ASP the declration for datetime as adDate and AdDecimal for decimal.<BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Error Type: <BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E21) <BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Optional feature not implemented <BR>/StockNet/SaveToGB1.asp, line 74 <BR><BR>CODE <BR>**** <BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE InsertToGB <BR>/*@Return_Value int,*/ <BR>@RecordID int, <BR>@CurrentDate datetime, <BR>@Symbol varchar(9) = NULL, <BR>@CompanyName varchar(30) = NULL, <BR>/*@CurrentDate datetime = NULL*/ <BR>@TransactionType varchar(25) = NULL, <BR>/*@Quantity decimal,*/ <BR>@OrderType char(1), <BR>@AccountType char(10), <BR>@Price money,<BR>@Duration char(3), <BR>@CommissionType char(3) = NULL, <BR>@Solicited char(1) = NULL, <BR>@OrderStatus varchar(12), <BR>/*@CancelDate datetime = NULL,*/ <BR>@SNCustomerAccNum varchar(9) = NULL, <BR>/*@SNOrderSeqNum decimal = NULL,*/ <BR>@PershingRefNum varchar(6) = NULL, <BR>@EnteredToPershing char(1) = NULL <BR>/*@CancelOrder char(1) = NULL*/ <BR><BR>AS <BR><BR>BEGIN <BR> DECLARE @Return_Value Int <BR><BR>IF EXISTS(SELECT RecordID FROM GBOrderEntry WHERE RecordID=@RecordID) <BR>SELECT @Return_Value = 1 <BR>ELSE <BR>SELECT @Return_Value = 0 <BR>INSERT INTO GBOrderEntry( <BR>RecordID, <BR>CurrentDate, <BR>Symbol, <BR>CompanyName, <BR>TransactionType, <BR>/*Quantity,*/ <BR>OrderType, <BR>AccountType, <BR>Price, <BR>Duration, <BR>CommissionType, <BR>Solicited, <BR>OrderStatus, <BR>/*CancelDate,*/ <BR>SNCustomerAccNum, <BR>/*SNOrderSeqNum,*/ <BR>PershingRefNum, <BR>EnteredToPershing <BR>/*CancelOrder, <BR>LastUpdate <BR>*/ <BR>) <BR>VALUES( <BR>@RecordID, <BR>@CurrentDate, <BR>/*GETDATE(),*/ <BR>@Symbol, <BR>@CompanyName, <BR><BR>@TransactionType, <BR>/*@Quantity,*/ <BR>@OrderType, <BR>@AccountType, <BR>@Price, <BR>@Duration, <BR>@CommissionType, <BR>@Solicited, <BR>@OrderStatus, <BR>/*@CancelDate,*/ <BR>@SNCustomerAccNum, <BR>/*@SNOrderSeqNum,*/ <BR>@PershingRefNum, <BR>@EnteredToPershing <BR>/*@CancelOrder, <BR>GETDATE() */ <BR>) <BR>RETURN @Return_Value <BR>END <BR><BR>