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    yls Guest

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    hi, i have a date in my database. I want to send a email 2 days before this date EVERY MONTH How do i do that? thanks!

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Hi YLS,<BR><BR>There are a few ways, and it depends on how accurate and reliable you want the process to be. If the email is the same (content does not change) or is known in advance, you could use OCXQMail ( or ASPQMail ( and set up a queued mail system. You could also use the NT built-in scheduler (AT.EXE) to trigger a batch file (or a WSH file using VBScript) to be run on certain dates at certain times. You could do it using a triggering mechanism in your global.asa (check to see if an application variable contains today&#039s date, if it does not, perform a process to check and see if any emails need to be sent and finally set the application variable to today&#039s date). This is the least reliable (what if nobody comes to your site that day?). If you are using SQL Server, you can implement its scheduler to run certain jobs and -- using stored procs -- you could send emails at certain times/days.<BR><BR>Does any of this help give you some ideas?<BR><BR>

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