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    I am sending a mail using CDONTS.<BR>Everything goes alright until I try to attach a file:<BR><BR>objCDO.AttachFile("C:MyDirMyFile.doc" )<BR><BR>Then I get an error. I´ve read everything I found about this and all I can think about is a problem with permissions since I read in an article the following:<BR><BR>"IUSR_MachineName must have Full Control Permissions on the mail root directories"<BR><BR>Actually, attaching a file works if you do it from the server, but NEVER from an user in its own machine which is connected to the Web site.<BR><BR>ANY CLUE OR HELP WILL BE VERY VERY VERY WELCOME!<BR>Sonia.

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    when you&#039re logged in at the server, you have the permissions of the user you&#039re logged in as.<BR><BR>any user outside has the permissons for &#060;IUSR_MachineName&#062; - which, being anonymous, aren&#039t likely to be very &#039open&#039<BR><BR>you need to right click the filke you&#039re attaching, find IUSR_MachineName in your access control list and give it full control of that file, then all will be well.<BR><BR>j

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    THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR ANSWER!<BR>But then... how can I attach a file to a mail... because I can not ask to the users to modify their access properties as most of them will not even know how to do it!!!<BR>Do you have any tip about what to use for attaching files to a mail?<BR><BR>Thanks again!

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