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Thread: Using Variables in the FROM clause

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    fifthermurf Guest

    Default Using Variables in the FROM clause

    I am a beginning T-SQL programmer is there anyway to use a variable such as a parameter to signify a table name and then use that in the FROM clause of a simple query or<BR>[like :]<BR>@table_name varchar(30) = NULL<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM @table_name<BR><BR>I do this and the SQL statement errors out. There must be a way? Do I use another table ? System table ?<BR><BR>HELP! Thanks<BR><BR>

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    Garth Guest

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    You need to use the EXEC() statement...<BR><BR>USE Northwind<BR>go<BR>DECLARE @table_name varchar(30)<BR>SET @table_name = &#039Customers&#039<BR>EXEC(&#039SELECT * FROM &#039 + @table_name)<BR><BR>--<BR>Garth<BR>

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    Default Use Dynamic EXEC statement

    See:<BR>Using Dynamic SQL Statements in Stored Procedures <BR><BR><BR>The Speed of Dynamic Queries<BR><BR><BR>

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    fifthermurf Guest

    Default GREAT THANKYOU ,


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