I&#039ve been looking for weeks on this one and can&#039t find an answer. Please help. <BR><BR>I have a xml file with a list of names in it. Up until recently it was working great with data islands but then I decided to add an attribute "Type" to the "Name" Tag (&#060;Name Type="Admin"&#062;) Now my code will read the Name tags but will not post their values when I have it set to. <BR><BR>The main reason for the addition of the Attributes is bc I am wanting to pull individule information for each entry depending on their Type. <BR><BR>Example:<BR> I have 3 bosses and I plug all of them into this xml doc. I have their names and schedules in the xml doc. I also put the highest boss with &#060;NAME TYPE="ADMIN"&#062; while the other too are &#060;NAME TYPE="NORMAL"&#062; <BR><BR>I am trying to write CS JAVASCRIPT code as well as SS VBScript/ASP code in order to pull these reports. Can anyone help me out on how to specify the individual person for a list of identical tag sets?<BR>