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    i have an page where i select a employee name(firstname and lastname combined) his email should be automatically get selected in a text box.<BR>i am using list box to populate employee names.<BR>But i have a problem.<BR>both should be retrieved from database.<BR>i din&#039t know how can i retreive the value in the same page.<BR>so i am using another page and i am writing the code on the onchange event of the employee name.<BR>i am retreiving the employeename using the query string.<BR>here is my code.<BR><BR>vname = Request.QueryString("cat")<BR>objrrr.Open "Select name,Email from Address where name = &#039" & vname & "&#039 ",oConn<BR>E-Mail Address:<BR><BR>&#060;input type = text name="Email" size=35 value="&#060;%=objrrr("Email")%&#062;"&#062;<BR>bu t i am getting this error.<BR><BR>ADODB.Field error &#039 80020009&#039<BR><BR>Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted; the operation requested by the application requires a current record.<BR>can ayone please help.<BR>Thanx in advance<BR><BR><BR>

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    If Rs.EOF Then Exit for<BR> Next

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    By using your SQL, u get *NO* data from your databse.<BR><BR>So, when you do this:<BR>&#060;%=objrrr("Email")%&#062; &#060;-- it will give you an error.<BR><BR>you have to do this:<BR><BR>&#060;%IF objrrr.eof AND objrrr.bof THEN%&#062;<BR> NO data<BR>&#060;%ELSE%&#062;<BR>&#060;input type = text name="Email" size=35 value="&#060;%=objrrr("Email")%&#062;"&#062;<BR>&# 060;%END IF%&#062;<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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