I am setting up a text box that may have one or many entries, like an email&#039s "to" field. I have set up a SQLStmt to handle a match checking on the name of the person being sent the email. The SQLStmt matches on the name, provides a box with possible entries, allows the user to chose one or none of these matches. Here lies the problem. If a user enters more than one name in the "to" field, the SQLStmt will only return the last entry in the text box. If I add a msgbox to the routine, then I can see each of the matches on each of the names. Without the msgbox, only the last entry is matched. How can I get each of the names in the "to" field to run one at a time thru the SQLStmt, then allow the user to make a choice, then run the second name, then the third, etc...HELP!