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    I am trying to use the AspUpload component but I have one problem<BR>The code should be something like this in VBScript:<BR><BR>FOR EACH Item IN up.Files<BR> Response.Write("Filename:" & Item.Name() & "<BR>")<BR> Response.Write("Size:" & Item.Size() & "<BR>")<BR>NEXT<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to do this in JScript

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    var e = new Enumerator(up.files)<BR>while(!e.atEnd()) {<BR> Response.Write(e.item().name + &#039&#060;br /&#062;&#039);<BR> Response.Write(e.item().size + &#039&#060;br /&#062;&#039);<BR>}<BR><BR>there&#039s an article on this at<BR><BR>j

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    Thanks,<BR><BR>The infinitemonkeys site was to slow so<BR>i looked it up at<BR>

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