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    I have a strings like "Link headline #1<<>>" and I want to split the strings at the <<>> and have the headline and the link in an array row together, then I will loop thru all the strings and place them into the array. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    look in the vbscript reference<BR><BR>split(varname,"&#060;&#060;&#062; &#062;")

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    2 ways to do it.<BR><BR>1) Use MyArray=Split(MyString,"&#060;&#060;&#062;&#062;",-1,1) to put the string into a 1 dimensional array.<BR><BR>2) Str1 = Left(MyString,Len(MyString) - Instr(MyString,"&#060;&#060;&#062;&#062;")-5)<BR> Str2 = Right(MyString,Len(MyString) - Len(Str1)-4)<BR>Now put Str1 and Str2 into your array

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