Response.Redirect not working with Response.Flush

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Thread: Response.Redirect not working with Response.Flush

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    Matiur Rahman Guest

    Default Response.Redirect not working with Response.Flush

    I would like to run a long query when ASP is accessed for the first time and then would like to redirect to the same ASP.<BR><BR>For some reason when I use<BR> Response.write "Running a long query...please wait<BR><BR> Response.flush<BR> .......Query and do something...<BR> Response.Redirect URL<BR><BR>I am seeing the message but it is not redirecting to the same page.<BR><BR>Any Ideas would be appreciated.<BR>

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    Default RE: Response.Redirect not working with Response.F

    You cannot output anything to the page and *then* do a redirect. This is because the redirect works by sending a HTTP header to &#039fool&#039 the browser into thinking that the content has changed location. Once you send other content, the HTTP headers are not used (i.e. you cannot send headers after content starts).

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    Matiur Rahman Guest

    Default RE: Is there any way around?

    Thanks for your clarification. But Is there any other solution that we can implement to get the job done?<BR>Thanks again.

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