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    Hi,<BR><BR>There is a lot of ways to gather html content from remote pages, but is there anyway to gather an image and save it locally? The Image components I&#039ve seen (ASPImage, ASPJPeg) only allow us to load a local image...<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I see your problem - i know that the ASPHTTP component is not retricted to grabbing just textual HTML info from remote servers; binary data, such as GIF&#039;s, JPG&#039;s and ZIP&#039;s, can also be obtained by ASPHTTP ( There you have the SaveToFile "function". But the COM is not freeware. I think the ASPTear component supports saving a image.. Search the index - and read the articles...<BR><BR>I hope that this helped u<BR><BR>SEILERT

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    same method as for HTML - an HTTP component<BR><BR>j

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