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    hi, i have a date in my database. I want to send a email 2 days before this date EVERY MONTH How do i do that? thanks!

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    First write the code that will get the date from the database, generate and fire the Email using CDONTS. Then you need a mechanism to call this code at regular intervals (monthly or whenever you want).<BR><BR>Then there are a couple of options for calling this script. I used the second option:<BR><BR>1/ Use the tasks manager (if possible) on your database. For SQL Server the DTS Services should do this. Put the code in an AcitveX script and you can set it to run whenever you want. I had problems with the CDONTS when I tried this though.<BR><BR>2/ Write the code in an ASP page that no-one would ever see, such as hidden.asp (or name it whatever), then use the scheduler on the server&#039s operating system to call the page when needed. This way you can test the page by calling it yourself if you want. Or you could put the code in an EXE file and have Windows call that at regular intervals.

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    ben, how to use the scheduler?

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