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    Sven Cipido Guest

    Default ASP Beginners Presentation

    Hi,<BR><BR>I have to give a short presentation (1 till 2 hours) in my company about ASP. The presentation is given to people who don&#039t know anything about ASP and must give them an idea about ASP. After that I&#039m going to show a few examples.<BR><BR>Are there already people who have made such a presentation ? If so, maybe I can use that presentation in my company.<BR><BR>Kind Regards<BR>Sven Cipido

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default A little immoral, don'tcha think?

    Hmmmm.... use some else&#039;s presentation to your company as if it was your own. Something tells me that your company doesn&#039;t pay you to do that, huh?

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    Sven Cipido Guest

    Default RE: A little immoral, don'tcha think?

    I&#039;m sorry, but I wasn&#039;t going to use the presentation as it was my own, but with mentioning (IN THE SLIDES) from where the presentation was comming.<BR><BR>And my company doesn&#039;t pay me for this presentation. They asked me to do it after the normal working ours, and we do this for free. It&#039;s just to show some other collegues, who just followed a course for VB (where the teacher WAS paid) and had asked to show them an introduction to ASP.<BR><BR>It was just a question, because I&#039;m now expiring ASP for about a year, but it&#039;s the first time I have to give a presentation. So I just asked it for having a good presentation, fromwhere I could learn for the future.<BR><BR>But maybe my questions wasn&#039;t good enough and people misunderstands this. Everybody has to begin somewhere. I&#039;m still learnign ASP and I hope I can learn how to make a goo presentation.<BR><BR>Sorry to ask my question, I will never ask one again like this, only technical questions if I have a problem, because I have the idea that people don&#039;t like it.<BR><BR>Sven Cipido.

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