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    Hi All, I recently downloaded a component in the form o fa zip file, this file contained all sort of file type, *.h, *.dll etc.<BR>Can someone tell me what I dom next, where do I unpack these files, how do I register rthe component etc..<BR><BR>Many thanks Matt<BR>

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    unpack the .dll file to wherever you feel like. I use c:&#060;windir&#062;components<BR><BR>get a command prompt up (or use the run item in the start menu) and type the following<BR><BR>regsvr32.exe [&#060;path&#062;]&#060;filename&#062;.dll<BR><BR>[path] is optional, though if you use a directory outside your normal DOS path, you&#039ll need it.<BR><BR>you should get an alert confiorming the component as registered, and you&#039re away<BR><BR>j

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