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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I am trying out something like this:<BR><BR>My application should read the data from the text file which consits of weather details from various regions of world.<BR><BR>Eg: <BR>1200,North America,12,22,8,22,..,..,..,..<BR>1200,North America,12,22,8,22,..,..,..,..<BR>1200,North America,12,22,8,22,..,..,..,..<BR>1200,North America,12,22,8,22,..,..,..,..<BR><BR>The txt file on the whole consists of 11 fields if thought in terms of databse seperated by coma.<BR><BR>My problem is i need to read from the txt file and show the output in a neat html format with titles<BR><BR>Eg:<BR><BR>Time Place Max Min Field5 Field6 Field7 .... .... Field11<BR><BR>and underneath each of the titles I should display the timezone, place name, max temp, min temp etc.<BR><BR>I am able to read the data from the file but not able to show it properly.<BR><BR>I have found the solution for this using database (sql server). My asp coding reads the data from the text file and inserts the data into the database, which i am retrieving and showing, so far it is ok.<BR><BR>But, i want to do it just using FSO. The database is becoming a turn around kind of thing.<BR><BR>Help on this will be appreciated a lot.<BR><BR>I hope I am clear on what I wanted to convey.<BR><BR>Thanking in advance.<BR>bye for now,<BR>mrpr

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