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    I create HTML pages with database supported forms that my Intranet users must fill out. If they forget to click my submit button before they go to another page, they lose the data they have entered. If I could detect the URL they chose to leave my form page, I could save the link during the window_onunload event, process the data then redirect they to their desired location. I can not find any HTML property that shows the requested URL. Or maybe this is a Browser Object question.

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    I think this is more of a Netscape specific problem, as generally IE will "remember" what you had in the form boxes if you use the back button as long as it isn&#039t too far back.<BR><BR>I am not that familiar with the window_onunload event command, but could you set it to act as the submit button? Or better yet, is there a way to send them to a form that has NO other links available so the only way out is to hit submit? Such as having the form pop up in its own separate window? <BR><BR>

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