Good ASP SQL Server Tutorial?

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Thread: Good ASP SQL Server Tutorial?

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    Default Good ASP SQL Server Tutorial?

    Hi,<BR>I built a web site that uses asp and vbscript to work with an Access database. Everything works great, but now I need to change the database from Access to SQL Server, and I&#039m having some trouble.<BR><BR>I&#039ve figured out the changes I need to make regarding logins and users, but I&#039m still running into problems with my connections and recordsets. (Problem of the moment is a failed procedure because what once was a query is now a view object.)<BR><BR>Every book or article I&#039ve found so far on ASP database connectivity provides examples of connecting to and working with Access databases, but I really need something that can teach me how to work with SQL Server. Can anybody recommend one?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Aaron

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    Default There are hundreds

    most of the tutorials on the net deal with SQL Server, as does &#039professional ASP 3.0&#039 from Wrox Press<BR><BR>j

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