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    hi, i am 18 and know sweet F-A about asp, Visial Basic e.t.c. but want to learn, i have modified a couple of forum scripts for my new website, and now i want a user login thing using an access database. i found one but it didnt work, i just wondered if anybody has any idea if there is one thats all dine.<BR><BR>also i want to learn ASP so what steps do i need to take? and how long will it take?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Davo<BR><BR>(www.bongor acing.co.uk)<BR><BR>

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    Hello, I think that I have exactly what you are looking for.<BR><BR>I taught myself ASP very quickly, mostly because I really wanted to learn it and I also had some sources that I could get free software from (shhhhhhh).<BR><BR>Most of what I learned was from a book though. There are quite a few good books out there and they are not that expensive either. Try Wrox or Queue.<BR><BR>I built a login and validation system for one of my "Fake" companies. The Company was a ficticious Consulting Company and it was actually built for school project. It was a basic site that we (my project pals) used to chat and upload/download the latest project files, since we all have jobs and can&#039t get to together that often.<BR><BR>I added a feature that lets users get their password emailed to them if they forget what it is......you know...basic admin tools.<BR><BR>I also added special features for users who had a higher User-Level such as the login page that let me see all users activity and login dates and times.<BR><BR>If you me to show you how to implement this....let me know.<BR>jmitchtx@yahoo.com

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