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    My Stored Procedure was OK by &#039Check Syntax&#039 <BR>Create Procedure sp_spname <BR>@ID char(30) <BR>Select * form dbname where ID=@ID <BR>Objconn,ObjCmd were both created and connected to the SQL Server <BR>here is my code: <BR>ID=Request.QueryString("ID") <BR>With Cmd <BR> .CommandText="sp_spname" <BR> .CommandType=adCmdStoredproc <BR> .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@ID",adChar,adParamInput,30,ID) <BR> .Execute <BR>End With <BR>But it always don&#039t work and shows an error number,unless I replace the arguements with relative code like: <BR>With Cmd <BR> .CommandText="sp_spname" <BR> .CommandType=4 <BR> .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@ID",129,1,30,ID) <BR> .Execute <BR>End With <BR>marvelous it works normally now ,why? <BR>Can anyone explain this please?thanks!

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    I&#039d say you haven&#039t included or referenced a type library<BR><BR>j

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