Dear daniel:<BR> The artical "paging through Records using a Stored procedure" what you announced is helpful for my ASP Pages,but I still have two questions,please explain them for me please,if don&#039t bother!<BR> <BR>1.In the Stored Procedure ,there are 2 lines like below:<BR> <BR> DECLARE @RecCount int<BR> SELECT @RecCount = @RecsPerPage * @Page + 1<BR> <BR>I&#039ve tried,the results didn&#039t have any differences whether these 2 lines were in the Stored procedure or not,so what&#039s the meaning to add the 2 lines?<BR> <BR>2.How many records in the temporary recordset "#TempItems" actiually ? I Guess it as the recordcount as the table "tblItem" does,Am I right ?<BR>At last ,thank you for read this mail and answer for the questions above!<BR> <BR><BR> Ibson <BR><BR><BR><BR>