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    I installed Win98 and i was wondering where i can download asp and sql. I am not good in computer, hope someone can tell me all the steps thx

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    You can download Microsoft&#039s Personal Web Server from <BR> It will set up a web server on your computer from which you can run ASP scripts.

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    Default PWS *should* be on your Win98 CD...

    If it isn&#039t on your machine, you probably didn&#039t ask for it to be included during installation. You can add it by just asking for it *only* during an install process.<BR><BR>But check first to see if you *did* install it and just didn&#039t realize it. On my machine, it&#039s in PROGRAMS &#062; ACCESSORIES &#062; INTERNET TOOLS &#062; PERSONAL WEB SERVER. The program itself is (again, on my machine) at C:WINDOWSSYSTEMinetsrvpws.exe<BR><BR>You might use the FIND (from the Start Menu) to see if you have "pws.exe" someplace on your machine.<BR><BR>Win98 also comes with several ODBC drivers that, in theory, would let you create a DB using ASP alone. In practice, it&#039s a horrible pain in the nect to try to do that. You really ought to pick up a copy of Access; it will make your life *tons* easier. You can either find a copy of Access, alone, or you can find a copy of MS Office 97 (typically for under $100...look on **** if no place else). (You can go for MS Office 2000, but it&#039s usually a lot more bucks.)<BR><BR>

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