Deleting records (e-mail like situation)

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    I retrieve records from a database and display them in a webpage.<BR>Before every record I place Checkbox. Only those records should be deleted whose checkboxes are clicked.<BR><BR>Before deleting records I prompt a message to the user whether or not he really wants to delete records. It is almost like a e-mail deleting process. Can someone help me out.<BR>(I use access as a datasource)

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    Hmm,<BR><BR>name each checkbox the same. then set the values to the record id (whatever identifies that record) and in the processing page<BR>you have a couple of options<BR><BR>you could do a split(request.form("chkbox"),",")<BR>and then loop through the array and delete each record that was checked,or<BR>delete table where id IN &#039"& request.form("chkbox") &"&#039<BR><BR>either will work.<BR><BR>2nd part. look into javascript confirm , or you could use vbscript, but that would be a bit more ugly.<BR> has a fair amount on javascript.

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