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    I&#039ve read that you can use the following type of query statement to get the most popular values using SQL for say a survey where people put in the size of their company into the field called "size"<BR><BR>query=" Select TOP 3 size, Number=count(*), from survey GROUP BY size ORDER BY Number desc"<BR><BR>I tried this using an Access db and get error messages (the old "Too few parameters. Expected 1" message). Am I coding this wrong or do I need to do this differently for Access?<BR><BR>

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    Try <BR><BR>--<BR><BR>select top 3 count(size) as number<BR>from survey<BR>group by size<BR>order by number desc<BR><BR>--<BR><BR>Now, the order by clause is important. Has to be DESC, otherwise it&#039s sorted based on the group by statement, not the count that you want.<BR><BR>If you have access to SQL Server w/ the Northwind db, try this *tested* query:<BR><BR>select top 3 count(productid) as number, productid from [order details]<BR>group by productid<BR>order by number desc<BR><BR>number productid <BR>----------- ----------- <BR>54 59<BR>51 24<BR>51 31

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