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    I am using select distinct statment to retrive distinct category from my db to write on my web page..I like to show number of records that are availible for each category.recordcount shows number of records in db so i was wondering how can ido that..<BR>EX ..i sell computer software and hardware. i might have a software with category Graphics in db but it might been avalible by 10 different publishers so i like to show it on my page like this GRAPHICS 10 where 10 is number of records avalible for that category.<BR>Thanks

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    Tony Guest

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    I know i am not making any sence with my first post so here a link that has the same feature i am looking and choos something from sport & outdoor dropdown..under same colom there would be list of avalible categories with a number displaying number of records for that category.<BR>Thanks again

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    I&#039m lazy, so check out this post:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Remove the "order by" and you should be set.

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