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    Chris Reece Guest

    Default Displaying _private images

    My server admin are having a few problems with the authentication on my virtual server (ie it doesnt work). So Ive been pointing my dsnless connections to database stored in my _private folder. However, I also have a script that uploads images from a browser to my _private folder and also stores the path of these images in a database. But I cannot get these images to be displayed on a browser because they are in the _private folder.<BR><BR>Any suggestions<BR>cheers<BR>chris<BR>

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    Quiet Life Guest

    Default Point in direction

    Without going into detail, use a web page ASP control i.e. ASPTear.dll to get the image file from within a ASP file, dump the retrieved file back to the client with the appropriate image header: image/jpg?<BR><BR>

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