I have one DB in Access 2000.<BR>It has 3 tables (Main_Group, Group, Articles).<BR>Relation is Main_Group (1&#060;&#062;Many) Group<BR>Group (1&#060;&#062;Many)Articles<BR><BR>1.<BR>Firstly I would like to list table Main_Group. That&#039s easy and I know to do this. But then I would like to browse in DB. So when I click with mouse button on one Main_Group, this open a new page with list of all Groups which is related to Main_Group that was selected with mouse click.<BR><BR>2.<BR>Then I have list of all Groups of selected Main_Group. That means that table consist all Groups which are in selected Main_Group (with mouse click).<BR>Secondly I would like with mouse click to select one Group which create (generate) a new table with all articles which are related with selected Group.<BR><BR>3.<BR>After all this I have Table with all articles related from Gruop, which is Related with Main_Group.<BR><BR>4. <BR>And last thing, I select one atricle which open a new page with all data about this article from table Articles.<BR><BR>Thats all.<BR>Please if somebody could help me or have some similiar asp code with mdb I would appreciate your help. Please send me answer with files to my mail.<BR><BR>Thanks again.<BR><BR><BR>P.S.<BR>My mdb file:<BR>MAIN GROUP<BR>MainGroup_ID (1 to many)<BR>Title_MainGroup<BR><BR>GROUP<BR>Main_Grou p_ID (many to 1)<BR>Group_ID (1 to many)<BR>Title_Group<BR><BR>ARTICLES<BR>Group_ID (many to 1)<BR>Article_ID<BR>Title_Article<BR>Characteristi cs<BR>Price