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    why would xml be an advantage to a small website that has no need for a dtd other than html? i have read stuff but i still dont see the big advantage. in my opinion since html has been around and has been modified its pretty well rounded. maybe i dont have all of the information.

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    One of the biggest advantages of XML is that it is 100% independent everything. In scenarios of small websites like personal homepages and such, xml doesn&#039t have TOO much use, however when combined with server side scripting (like ASP, PHP, or CGI) it is excellent for form collections. A good example for a small website would be a guestbook or a survey about the visitor&#039s opinion of the site. <BR><BR>XML&#039s main power is in the collections and the object models that it has to offer. With serverside scripting a person can convert SQL or other database data into XML and then transform it back into a different section for a business partner or other companies to read (B2B scenario).

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