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Thread: Creation of a new database on the fly

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    &nbsp;<BR>I have a requirement for the creation of a new database, on the fly in ASP. Could you please suggest me on how to do this <BR>

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    Generally, creating an entire database on the fly can&#039t be done. In fact, the only databases I know of where you can do this are the very, very simple ones such as a "csv file" DB or a "dBase" DB--both of which are actually text files that are treated as databases.<BR><BR>On the other hand, it&#039s nearly trivial to add a table to an *existing* database. So.... How about if you simply create an empty Access database and stash it away somewhere. Then, when you need a "new" database, you just copy it from the stash to the desired directory/filename and you could have the effect of creating a database. (I specified Access because some DBs can *NOT* be copied from place to place...IBM&#039s DB2 comes to mind immediately.)<BR><BR>Do consider, though: Creating a table is an expensive process. Do you *really* want to do this? Or do you need to reconsider your system design?<BR><BR>

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