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    Can any one help me out with the advantages of using ASP over JSP .or where i can find the answer for this.thanks in advance. <BR><BR>i posted this in asp performance ,but did&#039nt get any reply so i am posting here.<BR><BR>jit

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    ASP Pros:<BR><BR>-- VBScript is a *lot* easier to use than Java, esp. for novice programmers<BR>-- You get to use all the MS ActiveX components that are out there. You can even script MS Word if you want<BR>-- You&#039ve got *great* database connectivity via ODBC (and OLE DB).<BR>-- Updating a page is instantaneous: change the source code, hit refresh<BR><BR>JSP Pros:<BR><BR>-- Java byte code is usually compiled via a Just In Time compiler and thus runs somewhat faster than VBS<BR>-- If you&#039re a Java programmer, you don&#039t have another language to learn<BR>-- You can use all the Java server-side components out there<BR>-- DB connectivity isn&#039t bad, but JDBC lags ODBC in some ways<BR>-- Updating a page isn&#039t bad (esp. compared to many other technologies), but it does involve a compile-to-bytecode step<BR><BR>************<BR><BR>In summary: You pays your money, you makes your choice.<BR><BR>Neither is perfect, neither is unusable.<BR><BR>Both are significantly more capable technologies than other solutions that I won&#039t mention.<BR><BR>Note: I am a Sun employee, now, so I find myself working for a company that sells *BOTH* solutions. ( if you want to see what I am referring to re ASP) As long as you buy Sun hardware, I guess I don&#039t care *that* much which you choose. But I can help you with ASP and am pretty ignorant of JSP (though moderately knowledgable in Java, itself).<BR><BR><BR>

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