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    I have a DB that contains training records. Each record essentially has a duplicate, since 2 people get trained at a time. One of my queries displays who rec&#039d training, listing the 2 people who rec&#039d it. The Row after it is a duplicate, with the exception that the names have been flipped around. Is there a way for me to just "skip" the second row, since the info is already displayed? Thanks<BR>Lane

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    Default In VBS code? Or SQL?

    Easy to do in the VBS code that processes the results. Just compare the two and ignore the duplicates.<BR><BR>But something seems *really* strange about what you are getting. What do the table(s) and query look like? I kind of suspect that a different organization or query might be able to never even return duplicates? Hmmm...or maybe it would return one record per person, instead? That would be easier to process in VBS code than the situation you described.<BR><BR>

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