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    Jit Guest

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    Can any one help me out with the advantages of using ASP over JSP .or where i can find the answer for this.thanks in advance.<BR><BR>jit

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    fl1rt Guest

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    You could try Aspin&#039s new site,<BR>For a wealth of new JSP resources and information...I haven&#039t had the time to learn it myself yet but I am told that I should, very soon!<BR><BR>But if ASP is good enough for Microsoft, it is good enough for me.<BR><BR>Unfortunately for Scott, I registered for the near future as we shall be hearing a lot more on the subject! ;)

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    dtrippy1 Guest

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    Having done dynamic site jobs in both ASP and JSP (as well as ColdFusion and Perl), I can relate the following:<BR><BR>1. ASP is easier to learn and code, but JSP instills better coding habits because it is less forgiving and has better object control.<BR><BR>2. Working with JDBC is a lot less frustrating than ADO / ODBC.<BR><BR>3. JSP and the J2EE platform is more scalable and much faster (after the code has compiled the first time).<BR><BR>4. Since Java in general is used on more OS plaforms, you&#039;re not relegated to working with only IIS or Chilisoft and there are more webservers that are supporting the JSP / Servlet specification than ASP.<BR><BR>5. Because of its portability, it&#039;s better for coupling with XML.<BR><BR>Don&#039;t get me wrong. I think ASP is cool too and it&#039;s done a lot to help shape the landscape of dynamic pages, however if I had to choose one or the other, it&#039;d be JSP.<BR><BR>DT1

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