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    Raleigh Guest

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    I have 2 different asp pages that I want to submit to a single form. I&#039ve been told that on one page (a material selection page) I can have a link, lets say (accessories) that will spawn a popup window which contains my accessory selection HTML/ASP data - <BR><BR>So That a user can enter one page - Select their "materials" for the job - then click on the accessories hyperlink to spawn a popup page - which will allow them to select additional accesories and then they can submit which will carry data from both pages to the form. Can this be done? If so - How might I go about it? Anyone have any sample scripts or ideas?<BR><BR>As always - I appreciate it!!

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    keith5g Guest

    Default try this

    When closing the pop up window, have it pass values to the "materials" page to be stored in hidden fields in the form.<BR><BR>This way, instead of two forms submitting to one single ASP page, the values are compiled into one form which is then submitted.

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